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If you were searching for where all of the Memphis Nudies are hangin' out & what we're up to, congratulations, you found us!


Memphis-based WTN is a non-landed and loosely-organized seasonal internet community of 18+ years of age regional naturism and nudism (N&N) enthusiasts wishing to socialize with like-minded folks, as opportunities might arise, and to aid in promoting our sunshine-oriented lifestyle within the Greater Mississippi Valley region of western Tennessee. We welcome unaccompanied singles, couples and families alike.


Although WTN does frequently network & collaborate with Nashville's MTN regarding mutually beneficial centrally located communal gatherings, we remain steadfastly focused upon event activities & gatherings within an easy drive of MEMPHIS;


however, we are also welcoming folks residing in northern Mississippi, eastern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri that might not yet have access to similar social resources.


Please join the affiliated group that is closest to you, to reap the maximum benefit from your association with us:

• Memphis' WTN - Western Tennessee Naturists/Nudists

• Nashville's MTN - Middle Tennessee Naturists/Nudists ..... https://www.meetup.com/Middle-Tennesse-Naturists-Nudists/

• Chattanooga's SETN - Southeast Tennessee Naturists/Nudists ..... https://www.meetup.com/Southeast-Tennessee-Naturists-Nudists/

• Knoxville's ETSMN - East Tennessee Naturists/Nudists ..... https://www.meetup.com/East-Tennessee-Smoky... (https://www.meetup.com/East-Tennessee-Smoky-Mountain-Naturists-Nudists/)

• Johnson City's TCTN - Tri-Cities Tennessee Naturists/Nudists ..... https://www.meetup.com/Northeast-Tennessee-Naturists-Nudists-NETN/

As a "non-landed" group, we must travel to adjacent "landed" N&N venues, associate private residences or secure suitable rental facilities within the immediate region for our skinny dipping and seamless tanning gatherings. Whether you are a novice indoor home nudist or a seasoned outdoor social naturist, WTN has something to offer. We strive towards offering folks opportunities to experience N&N life above & beyond that which normally occurs privately within the confines of one's residence.


Some N&N home bound types, tightly constricted to apartment, condo and close-in neighborhood environments, casually refer to us as being the initial gateway avenue towards one's eventually residing within a landed N&N community of their choice. Hence, WTN is not a destination, but a momentary conduit between where you might be and where you wish to be.


As with any journey, one must first take the initial step towards realizing the freedom and camaraderie that so many of us already enjoy. How participatory you elect to become is entirely up to you, and will ultimately determine your benefit from associating with us.


Merely notify us of your travel plans, when you're going where & we will correspondingly endeavor to surround you with kindred souls, from back home, who need but any excuse to go where you are already headed; because based upon your WTN specific personal profile presentation, folks here truly do wish to meet you. That's why we're all here in the first place.


Bein' N&N at home alone,


ain't nuthin' like bein' outside & together.


In addition to nude and clothing optional gatherings, we also hold textile Meet & Greets at area restaurants during the late fall, winter and early spring off-seasons so folks might place faces with names and become more comfortably familiar with other WTN associates.

We are NOT Barbies & Kens;


but rather just ordinary common folks hailing from every physical stage of development & maturity, who have elected to exercise our N&N social proclivities communally.


We are mature, resourcefully vibrant and not yet willing to exit this life devoid of fulfilling our Bucket-List.

Our mission is to facilitate socially interactive opportunities for regional adherents to experience a more gregariously communal N&N environment.


Although official international and/or national organizational association is not required, it is encouraged if only to reinforce our collective political & legal voice towards the local promotion of our elective lifestyle. WTN supports the following organizations:




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Regional Weekend Nakation Destinations

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