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Western Warlords' new West London RPG venue at Ealing Village W5
We are now meeting in the Ealing Village Clubhouse at the Ealing Village gated community. There's an entrance to Ealing Village located in Madeley Road W5, about 5-10 minutes walking from Ealing Broadway Station and the nearby buses. The 83 bus stops outside the main gates on Hanger Lane so should be easy for bus travel as well. Vehicle access to Ealing Village is a turning off Hanger Lane but should be arranged beforehand via [masked] and should be avoided if possible. You will need a passcode for the entrances to the community, so can those of you who are coming along please contact us on: [masked] or [masked], or[masked] on the night. As we need to cover costs associated with the venue, we ask if people would please make a voluntary contribution and the sum of £2 is suggested. A card reader is available. Feel free to discuss with us if you wish. What to expect: We usually have between two and four games running on most evenings, depending upon availability of GMs and players. Usually this will involve a D&D game plus at least one other game. We have several GMs keen to expand our range of games. We welcome hearing from anyone who would like to run an RPG, anyone who wants to play an RPG, and anyone who wants to play something other than an RPG. If you've got something you really want to play/run, bring it along and we can see who might be interested. RSVPs and messages are particularly welcome as it will help us keep track of who is coming, what they might be interested in, and hopefully ensure that everyone plays something and is included. We also have a ProBoard forum here, which will give you a taste of what we have going on: And we have a Discord server with multiple channels here: Look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Cheers, Ken (Admin)

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Launched by a Baby Boomer/Generation Jones gamer, we are a new gaming group in the west of London around the vicinity of Ealing, and aiming to become an RPG Gaming Hub for West London.

The Group Admin is interested in RPGs and tabletop gaming, mainly D100 RPGs (recent ones such as Magic World, Bare Bones Fantasy, Covert Ops, Frontierspace mixed with oldies such as Runequest and Top Secret/SI). Also Indie games like Adventurers!, Mazes & Minotaurs. I'm not personally all that keen on D&D/AD&D/Pathfinder and most of the old school clones, but you will certainly find people in the group who are, and who are ready to play or GM those games.

As a new group, we haven't yet explored tabletop gaming. The Group Admin's current favourite is based on the old Stingray puppet show and is great fun. Other games have included Stargrunt II, Dirtside II (both sci-fi ground combat), and historicals have included WW1, WW2 and Modern naval and air gaming, plus Cold War ground combat and a small smattering of Napoleonics and Ancients.

We are looking for like-minded gamers for RPGs, and for friendly and good-humoured adversaries for tabletop gaming. We now have a truly splendid venue in the heart of Ealing Broadway and superbly located for tube, rail and buses.

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