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This is a group for anyone interested in advocating for animal right, animal protection and animal welfare. All age and skill levels are welcome. The club will meet twice monthly. Goal: Protect wildlife from harmful exploitation

Moon Bear's are particularly subjected to cruelty and it is time to raise awareness of their conditions and spring to action.

To obtain bear bile, an ingredient historically used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, people used to kill bears in the wild. Since the 1980s when killing wild bears became illegal, China adopted the method of farming bears for their bile. Instantly, hundreds of farms were set up across China where thousands of wild caught bears were kept in tiny cages with catheters surgically inserted into their gall bladders to constantly collect bile.

To keep the catheter in place, some bears were fitted with “iron vests”, preventing them from scratching the puss-infested, painful openings on their bodies.

Some bears were confined for up to 13 years in cages so small they could barely move.

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