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August 2019 Update

I am going to start adding hikes to our events. I have been inspired by the many 8+ pound dogs I've been seeing out on trails up to 9 miles with 2000' elevation gain. My little girl, Skylar, only weighs 5 lbs and just started hiking. She can already do 2 miles. I will bring a sling carrier if she needs a rest. I will start with 2 - 7 mile hikes. I'm excited to have our little loved ones outside enjoying nature with us!

I hope to create a group for our small dogs to socialize with each other and their people partners. I want to plan dog walks and playgroups in the Westminster area. I live near a dog park that doesn't have a safe enclosed play area for the little dogs so I will try a few different places until we all decide what works best for our little canine loved ones. I also plan to have indoor meetups in the colder months. I encourage members to make suggestions because I'm new to Colorado and don't know the doggie community that well YET. My little girl, Skylar, and I enjoy the small dog meetups in Boulder and Lafayette. I just want to add a meetup to our community that is closer to our home ( the Westminster area).

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