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We play Werewolf, and we play Boardgames! We'll be running multiple gaming events in this group:
Werewolf - the ultimate party game. We play Italian Werewolf, AKA Wherewolf, which is much more subtle than some versions. The group sits in a circle. Up to three people are Wolves, the rest are Villagers. Can the Villagers find the Wolves and burn them at the stake before the Wolves eat all the Villagers? Werewolf is a tense social deduction game that will have you pining at the moon (and don't worry, there's no fancy dress involved!).
Boardgames - We'll also be running regular boardgame events. So bring your favourite game and have fun!

Past events (15)

Werewolf Camping

Petruth Paddocks Campsite

Sunday Werewolf in the Park - Bristol

Castle Park,

Sunday Boardgames

Duke of Oxford

Bristol Werewolf

The Ship Inn

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