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If you love to travel and want to get the most out of your photography, then this group is for you. We travel to great places where you can make fun photos while being guided by professional photographers. Plus we have local and regional outings where you can photograph cool locations that you might not know about. From beginners to professionals, everyone can learn, share and make beautiful photos.

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Free Get to Know Your Camera Seminar

Online Only

In this free two hour seminar you’ll get to know your camera better. Today’s cameras are loaded with lots of extras that really only add confusion and complication. Professional photographer Loren Fisher will help you understand what you need to focus on and what you can ignore. Attend in person or live online through my video conferencing service. Loren will show you how to make proper exposures using the Exposure Triangle of ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It sounds complicated but Loren has simplified it and using his handout you will come away with new confidence in your ability to get consistent results. You will have a better understanding of the settings on your camera and which file size setting to use. It will be a fun afternoon and you will come away inspired and ready to use your camera more. It doesn’t matter if you have never touched your camera before or have used it in the past, this seminar will help you feel great about using your camera. You can attend live online via my video conferencing service. Be sure to download the handout before the class: https://lorenphotos.com/aperture/ Join online at https://zoom.us/j/701383851 One tap mobile [masked],,[masked]# US (New York) [masked],,[masked]# US (San Jose) Dial by your location [masked] US (New York) [masked] US (San Jose) Meeting ID:[masked] Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/amqLoPNwD

Getting the Most Out of Lightroom - Live Online or In Person

This is a paid workshop, don't RSVP until you have paid and registered at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/getting-the-most-out-of-lightroom/ There are many tutorials, videos and books out there that will show you how every little detail of Lightroom works. They’ll show you how to get photos imported into Lightroom and show you how to use all the sliders, but they don’t tell you why or when you should be using Lightroom’s powerful controls to get the most out of your photos. I’ll show you not only what the modules do, but the why’s and why not’s, no matter if you are making prints, posting on the Internet or sending photos off for publication. I’ll show you time-saving techniques that will help you find your images and export them quicker and looking better. You can attend in person or live online. The service I use for online teaching has great quality of voice and image, so it is just like being in the classroom, except you don’t have to leave home and you don’t get any of my M&Ms! You’ll see everything on my computer screen and be able to talk with me and other participants and to ask questions. In this one day class, we’ll start at the beginning, talking about the best way to get your photos organized, where and how to store them and how to import. We’ll talk about creating catalogs and best practices for backing up and using multiple catalogs. I’ll show what all the windows and modules do and how to keep them under control. We’ll look at how to keep track of your photos once they are imported, the different ways to find and sort them, including using collections, filtering, flagging and mapping. I’ll show you how and why to add keywords, captions and other metadata. The afternoon will be spent on the Develop Module. We’ll talk about how and the best time to use controls like white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance and saturation. We’ll dig deep into how and why to use cloning, healing, cropping and masking. I’ll cover sharpening, noise reduction, lens correction, effects and camera calibration. I’ll show you some new things in the latest version including using multiple photos for HDR and creating panoramas. I’ll use real examples using my photos and I will work on your photos that you bring. You will see how I transform your images and get them to pop more than you expected. And finally, we’ll talk about when, why and how you should export your photos and how to make the best prints. I’m not real fond of the Book or Slideshow modules, but we’ll talk about what they do. We won’t be talking much about using Lightroom for video editing or the web module, since, frankly, they suck. We’ll stick to the great things Lightroom does for still photos and I’ll give you suggestions of other programs to create web galleries or edit video. I’ll be demonstrating with the latest version of Lightroom Classic CC and most things will be applicable to all versions whether you work on a Mac or Windows. I’ll also show how the new CC version works and how the new interface is different. Somerville, NJ or live online April 27,[masked]:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. $125.00 Regular registration $115.00 Premium Members and previous clients Limit of 12 in person participants For more info and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/getting-the-most-out-of-lightroom/

NYC Bridges Photography Workshop

Needs a location

This is a paid workshop, before RSVPing please register and pay at https://bit.ly/2V295cv Join professional photographers Loren Fisher and Ron Lake as we welcome spring and go on a special urban landscape photographic exploration of five of New York’s magnificent bridges. It will be a day packed full of fun photo opportunities at little known locations Loren and Ron have discovered and also at some popular spots. You will transported all day in Loren’s 12 passenger Sprinter van, so you don’t need to worry about how to get around. You’ll be taken to the closest possible drop off for each location but there will still be plenty of walking involved. Our photography will start at the George Washington Bridge at the little known Little Red Lighthouse, which sits right under the bridge. The lighthouse was there 10 years before completion of the bridge and is one of the smaller lighthouses you’ll see at only 40’ tall. Getting there is a bit of a hike but our van will drop you off as close as possible. The area is now a park, although this is a place you might not want to go alone, especially at night. We’ll hop back in the van and go to the other side of Manhattan to the Queensborough Bridge, which is one of the more striking big bridges with its tan paint that captures the light in unique ways depending on the angle you view it. You’ll be taken to a couple of hidden spots that offer special views of the bridge that most people don’t see. From there we are off to the Williamsburg Bridge and a lovely park on the Manhattan side. This bridge is a bit more industrial and there are some great places to make graphic shots. We’ll walk under the bridge and get shots of the piers in the water. The tall columns holding up the roadway leading to the bridge are next to tall residential buildings which make for interesting images. Now we are on to Brooklyn where we’ll go to a spot where you can photograph the Empire State Building framed by one of the Manhattan Bridge towers. It is a fun shot and you have to know the exact spot to be to get the shot. While in DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) we’ll get great shots of the Manhattan Bridge, which was the world’s longest bridge when it was finished in 1909, beating out the Brooklyn Bridge by four feet. There are lots of great angles to shoot it from and you can even get the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan’s tall buildings in the background. The van will then take you over to the stairs leading to the Brooklyn Bridge and we’ll walk up on it for great shots of the bridge, Manhattan and surrounding area. That will put us right up on the pedestrian area of the bridge. You do need to watch for bicycles if you walk in the bike lane, you’ll get yelled at and clipped if you encroach in their space. By the time we come down from the bridge, the sun will be setting and we’ll go to a park along the Hudson River to shoot the lights of Manhattan shining as the sky darkens and blue hour sets in. A wide angle shot of the Brooklyn Bridge with a glowing Manhattan in the background is a must for every photographer! What a great way to end the day. This is a workshop for any level of photographer, even those who prefer shooting with an iPhone! Not only will you be transported to great locations, Loren and Ron will make sure you are getting the best shots possible and help you with any photographic needs. There are three places where you can join the tour: the Bridgewater, NJ, train station, Penn Station in New York or Grand Central Terminal. Pickups are at 10:30 a.m. in Bridgewater, 12:00 p.m. at NYC Penn Station or 12:30 p.m. at Grand Central. Exact locations will be sent after you register. You will be transported to the great locations so there won’t be a tremendous amount of walking, but you still will need to walk two or three blocks in some locations. For more info and to register go to https://bit.ly/2V295cv

Cape May Photographic Creativity Workshop

The Inn of Cape May

This is a paid workshop, don't RSVP until you have paid and registered at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/cape-may-photographic-creativity-workshop/ Spring in Cape May, NJ, is a great place to knock out the winter cobwebs and get the mind thinking about creative photography. Good photography is much more than knowing f/stops and shutter speeds. Thinking in a creative way and learning how to see photos is what makes some photos better than others. Professional photographer Loren Fisher will show you how to go beyond your normal images and create special shots. This workshop is built on getting feedback on what you shoot and also on your approach to situations. We’ll catch the early morning light each day, shoot the beauty that is Cape May and spend time in the “classroom” talking about creative approaches to photography and reviewing the photos we are shooting. You will get lots of feedback while you are shooting from Loren and also learn from other photographers in the group during our review sessions. Loren will give you challenges each day to get you thinking a little differently about your photographic approach. The challenges are simple but will stretch your mind as you shoot the beauty of Cape May. New Jersey resident Loren Fisher has spent countless hours photographing the Cape May region and will guide you to great locations for a variety of photographic opportunities. Cape May in the spring is a wildlife wonderland. Located at the tip of the New Jersey peninsula, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay and has been a top tourist destination for over a century. The little town of Cape May is filled with Victorian houses and great beaches. We will spend sunrises and sunsets on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay photographing horseshoe crabs, birds, the scenic lighthouse and a historic sunken concrete ship. From our beachfront hotel we will explore the ornate Victorian houses and scenic boardwalk of quaint Cape May. Some walking through sand is required to get to the prime locations, but nothing more than 1/4 mile unless you like to wander. There are several nesting areas for birds, turtles and crabs that we will need to be careful not to disturb, no photo is worth damaging a nesting area. We will be getting close to nature and wildlife, but you may want at least a 300mm lens. Longer may be better, you can't have a long enough lens! Many of the beach scenes, boardwalks and town scenes don't require extreme lenses and a wide angle is good to have. We will be getting out early and it can still be chilly, so dress in layers. We won't ever be far from our vehicles, so we can shed clothing as the day warms. May is a fairly dry time in Cape May, but you never know, be prepared for rain. We will be walking though sandy beaches, grassy fields and wet areas. Either go with boots to stay dry or sandals and shed the water. I don't recommend sneakers that would retain moisture. We will be based at a lovely hotel on the beach in Cape May. Transportation while you are at the workshop will be provided in Loren's 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter van. Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5 $389 - Regular Registration $349 - Early Registration by March 1 $329 Previous clients and Premium Members Includes workshop fee, transportation while at the workshop, Saturday pizza lunch and lots of creative fun. Limit: 11 photographers Our tentative itinerary (subject to change) Friday Meet at 2 p.m. 2 p.m. Introductory classroom session 4 p.m. First shooting session in town Cape May beach sunset Saturday 6 a.m. Bay beaches sunrise 11 a.m. Back at hotel Noon Pizza lunch 1-3 p.m. Classroom 3 p.m. Nature Conservancy 5:00 Lighthouse We’ll swing past a deli and get food for sunset picnic on the beach 7:15 Sunset beach Sunday 6 a.m. Cape may beach sunrise 10 a.m Final classroom session Noon done For more info and to register: https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/cape-may-photographic-creativity-workshop/

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