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It's not easy to find a place to have formal discussions about intellectually oriented topics. So that's what this group is for. It's a discussion group based on articles, essays, videos, and podcasts. And the source material will be based on ideas, in other words substantial stuff. The choice of topics will be eclectic and wide-ranging.

*Please note: A priority of the group is a rational (reason-based) approach (scientific and/or critical thinking). Intelligent, informed conversations are the point of this meetup, so if that’s not your ‘cup of tea’ you’d probably find another group more enjoyable.

The meetings will always be on weekends, on the Westside, at a café, pub, or restaurant.

This is a private group and its events are only for members. It is intentionally kept small, but new members are welcome! If you’re interested, please be sure there's a recent realistic photo of yourself. Then apply by answering these questions, which will appear when you click on the ‘join’ button:

1) Please list three non-fiction books, articles, or essays you’ve read recently (please be specific).

2) Please list three videos, podcasts, or lectures that you've found interesting (please be specific).

3) What sorts of topics do you most like to talk about?



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