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What I envision for our group is a large multi-generational extended family of friends for creating close knit friendships, and having fun, while establishing a support network.

We’ll be doing events, mostly located in Beaverton and the surrounding area. It is our goal to build a welcoming community for all ages and walks of life, couples, singles, and families, from infants to seniors - basically a small village. Humans are designed to have close relationships with each other, and in this digital age we are losing much of that.

If even only a few people attend each event, we will be successful in getting people together for a fun time!

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Thanksgiving Dinner

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OPEN-HOUSE SIT-DOWN DINNER FOR THANKSGIVING. Janet and Brian invite you to a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner - we invite anyone who wishes (Friends and/or strangers and their relatives, acquaintances, whomever) to attend our sit-down full traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This is our way of giving thanks for our good luck and fortune, by sharing what we have with anyone who wishes to participate. TV football games will be available for the fanatics, however be warned that we do not have cable or a satellite. Each person, or couple, will bring part of the dinner in accordance with their assignment by Janet as to completing the menu. The assignments are easy, and do-able by anyone. Well, almost anyone. Janet will do the bird and stuffing. Everyone is invited; dinner at about 3:00-3:30. As Brian will be working we will eat again, or just watch him at 7 P.M. We have a non-smoking, no cats home. We do not have any children at home, so if you are bringing children please also bring a game or activity for them. RSVP by November 19th

Alaska in July for one->three weeks
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Hi ! I took a cruise to Alaska a couple years back and loved the pristine beautiful ocean, water, glaciers and wildlife. Would like to do another trip in July. I prefer to have a small group going together from Portland by Amtrak or fly to Anchorage, stay in a hostel a coupe nights, travel by rail to Denali Park then Fairbank, stay a couple nights each place. I like to go for 3 weeks, would like company for all of part of the trip. If you are interested we can talk more. Let me know. My travel style : budget !! Comfortable, safe, clean, quiet and cheap. https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=adk&hsimp=yhs-adk_sbnt&p=free+alaska+nature+glacier+pic¶m1=20160505¶m2=6fdabee7-3dd3-44bf-a392-c5ef1f61a27a¶m3=email_3.1.1~US~¶m4=~firefox https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=adk&hsimp=yhs-adk_sbnt&p=free+alaska+nature+glacier+pic¶m1=20160505¶m2=6fdabee7-3dd3-44bf-a392-c5ef1f61a27a¶m3=email_3.1.1~US~¶m4=~firefox https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=adk&hsimp=yhs-adk_sbnt&p=free+alaska+nature+glacier+pic¶m1=20160505¶m2=6fdabee7-3dd3-44bf-a392-c5ef1f61a27a¶m3=email_3.1.1~US~¶m4=~firefox

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Thanksgiving Dinner

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