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Choir Rehearsal
Come Sing With Us! Harmonia performs monthly in Sunday services during the regular church year, September to May. During that time they meet in the sanctuary on Tuesday evenings, 7:15 to 9:00 pm, to sing songs together in preparation for performances - but choir evenings are also a delightful event in themselves! We sing a variety of music from many traditions. Music is chosen to support the theme of the month ( and the topic ( for the performance week service. We are Unitarian Universalists, ( with members who have a diversity of religious beliefs and a significant number who would describe themselves as atheists. So, yes we sing Unitarian Universalist music, drawing from a variety of musical and religious traditions (classical, traditional, folk, jazz, blues, Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Earth-Centred, Humanist, Hindu, Sufi, ...) Newcomers - youth and adults - are welcome. No audition, and we always have a lot of fun! Please note: Westwood is a SCENT FREE venue. Please DO NOT wear any perfumes, colognes, lotions, hair spray or other scented products. These products result in severe health issues for some of our participants. We want all singers to feel welcome. Rebecca, Westwood's Choir Director (, would be happy to hear from you if you have any questions. Contact her by email at [masked]. You can also ask questions in the event comments here.

Westwood Unitarian Congregation

11135 - 65 Avenue · Edmonton, AB

What we're about

This Meetup features workshops and events at Westwood Unitarian Congregation in Edmonton.

We hold several workshops a year. Past workshops have included The Enneagram: Its contributions to Congregational and Compassionate Lives ( with Keith Kron; Mountains and Rivers: Zen and Nature ( with Florence Caplow; and Rhythm for Choir ( and Drumming and Spirituality ( with Matt Meyer. At the moment we're still planning our next workshops, but there definitely will be more workshops.

Other events at Westwood include Sunday services, monthly meditiation sessions, sacred circle dancing, our new book club, and various social events. Don't worry if you haven't been to Westwood before: anything we post here would be a great first Westwood event.

All events listed here are open to the public. There may be a fee for some events, such as workshops or fundraisers. We can often accommodate people who are unable to pay. Please check the individual events for details.

About Westwood

Westwood Unitarian Congregation: A compassionate community of free religious thought, inviting all people to rest, grow and serve the world.
—Westwood's purpose statement

Westwood is a Unitarian Universalist congregation in the Parkallen neighbourhood of Edmonton. We are one of many Unitarian Universalist congregations across the continent and around the world. We are a community of individuals on unique spiritual journeys. We welcome all persons of goodwill whatever their culture, colour, class, religion, gender, wealth, or the direction of their affections. However, whatever our stance or spiritual path, we all affirm the seven Unitarian Universalist principles (

We search for truth everywhere - but some of our named sources include the teachings of earth-based religions, words and deeds of prophetic women and men, and wisdom from the world’s religions. However, the first and foremost source is our own direct experience. Each of us is our own authority.

You can learn more about Westwood and Unitarian Universalism at our website. (

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