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Satsang, Meditation, and Dialogue on “Who or What am I?”

Albert Nahmani, shares his understanding of Consciousness, meditation, awakening, self realization and enlightenment in the tradition of Non-Duality/Advaita and Kabbalah.

Since childhood Nahmani experienced Psychic phenomena including premonitions, clairvoyance and out of body experiences. At 30 Nahmani experienced a cultural and identity breakdown followed by a multitude of awakenings.

After decades of self inquiry, meditation and spiritual group dialogues, Albert's search for who or what he was came to an end in 1987 when he experienced the absolute reality (Non-Duality, Advaita) known in Buddhism as the "Clear Light of Dawn," and in Kabbalah as "Beyond the Barrier." During that same week Albert met with (and was guided by) Murshid James MacKie, a follower of Meher Baba, creator of Sufism Reoriented.

Albert was influenced by J. Krishnamurti. He shares his understanding of the ancient teaching of Non-Duality, a knowledge experienced by us all and which informs our lives and the universe. Albert speaks mostly about Awareness/Consciousness, our true and absolute nature.

This group is for all those interested in knowing who or what they are, including those deeply interested in the ancient teaching of Non-Duality, the common ground of Advaita, Buddhism, Zen,Taoism, Kundalini meditation, Sufism, Kabbalah, and the same common ground which is at the core of the message left behind by the founders of all great religions.

Albert Nahmani was born in the spiritual city of Fez, Morocco steeped in mysticism. He speaks five languages and has lived on 4 continents. Albert studied and performed in the Theater, did graduate work in trans-personal psychology and has meditated and participated in J. Krishnamurti groups for fifteen years. He was a successful entrepreneur and business development consultant as well as founder and director of a non profit human development organization. Albert now primarily devotes himself to sharing about our essence, Consciousness.

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