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When the musician Prince died recently, we lost an amazing talent and cultural icon. Yet what lives on is his creative genius that continues to inspire, an amazing spirit that supported others, and the transformation of his personal gifts into something new. Let's channel our inner Prince (and Princesses, if you'd like) and explore the boundaries of what we can be, do, feel, and live. What if Prince was your life coach?

This MeetUp is about identifying and exploring the unique attributes of this artists (including creativity, fear, paradox, spirituality among others) and seeing how we can use or ramp-up or align these these themes in our own lives whether it be for day-to-day living or to achieve a specific goal (e.g. starting each day with an open attitude to writing a book, finding a new career, or traveling....to creating art, investing, making beer, cooking, exercise, raising a family, or anything at all that's positive in your life).

Who is this for? Admirers of the musician Prince, but that's not necessary. This MeetUp is for anyone who wants to take the best and leave the rest of someone they admire or emulate -- use a s a "channel" if you will -- to transform their lives in big and small ways, every day or for a specific purpose. One colleague wanted to become an expert weaver so she studied the attributes, education, personality, and work ethic of weaver's she admired and used what fit for her in her own life.

Join in to decide on and to share ideas about what you want to do and be in the next 3-12 months (or more!), building camaraderie, support, and enthusiasm for yourself and others. This can be infectious for the group and the world! Through a series of visuals, readings, exercises, and discussion we'll bring this to life and see what magic we can create.

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