AI and Patent Law - Friends or Foes? Frenemies?

What Is AI?
What Is AI?
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Have you thought about what happens when artificial intelligence meets patent law? The two speakers, Edoardo and Tom, certainly do - everyday. They are both patent attorneys with a knack for technology. Come join us for another round of interesting discussions that sparks new ideas.

Topics we will cover:
- What do patent lawyers do, really?
- Patent in a nutshell - how does it work?
- Using AI in patenting technology
- Can AI be patented? Examples?
- Is IP beneficial or detrimental for the development of AI?

.... and many more.

About the Speakers

Edoardo Mirabella

Physicist by training, Edoardo is a European Patent Attorney with a PhD. in theoretical particle physics. Starting from 2005, he spent 10 years in academia developing and implementing computational algorithms for predicting the rates at which elementary particles are produced at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.

In 2015, he moved to the intellectual property (IP) sector and currently works in a patent attorney firm that has a strong focus on Information and Communications Technologies. Part of his day-to-day job consists of drafting and prosecuting patent applications for inventions that employ computers and mathematical methods, such as machine learning algorithms.

Edoardo is an AI enthusiast and has a keen interest in both the technical aspects and the IP implications of this technology.

Thomas L. Lederer

Thomas L. Lederer, born 1975 in Rosenheim, studied Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Informatics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and the Technische Universität Berlin before turning to Intellectual Property in 2007.

He is one of very few (less than ca. 1%) German Patent Attorneys with a Master's level degree in Computer Science (Informatics (Diplom-Informatiker Univ.), from the LMU Munich).