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We started this group because we couldn't find a fun, relaxed, coed group doing a variety of fun things. We've grown into a laid back, fun, friendly group, mostly in our 30s and 40s. We're about making more friends, while having FUN, and soaking up all that SB has to offer. Simple :)

If you have an idea, or want to host or co-host your own event please let me know!

This is not a singles group, significant others are very welcome.

Check out our upcoming events to the left, or below if you are not a member yet.

House rules (only three and they're EASY):
1. Three strikes and you are out.

It's a bummer but there are a lot of flakes on Meetup, 50% turn out is not uncommon in some groups, and that's just not cool when people are wait listed or the host is looking for you. So flake on your group three times and we'll be forced to give you the boot. Don't make us do it!!! It's easy, if you can't come, change your RSVP and BE KIND to your friends who want to go. Canceling within four hours of an event is considered a no show because it doesn't give the wait list enough notification that a spot is open. We want our flake factor to be zero.

2. Profile pic/first name required.

Anonymous profiles impede new friendships, right? So, to join up, two things: 1. Your primary profile pic must clearly show your face and 2. Please post your real first name (no avatars). More than just being friendly, sharing your face/name helps us find each other at events, and for re-connecting with new friends after the event.

3. Be cool honey bunny.

We work hard to make our events FUN, have members respect one another, and have a good time. So if you are kind of rude, a complainer, get drunk, annoy members, chase too much tail, or have a reputation for not being friendly, you will be kindly asked to move on. Also, our activities are for adults/people getting a break from their kids, so be sure to ask your organizer before bringing your kids. Inappropriate comments will get you banned without warning. Harassing comments will get you reported to meetup. This group is for REALLY making friends with good people; no drama, or nasty anonymous internet commenting. Also we won't promote your business or "special interests" to our members so don't bother asking.

Ok enough with the rules, let's have some FUN!

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