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Research shows that yo-yo dieting and weight cycling damages your metabolism, causes weight re-gain and increases your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation and loss of muscle. I bet these were all things you were trying to prevent in the first place, by dieting to lose weight, right?

Psychologically speaking, by dieting you’re much more likely to struggle with disordered eating, such as restriction, bingeing and even purging (which includes over-exercising with the intention of burning off excess calories). Let’s also talk about the financial cost of dieting. You probably pay gym membership to encourage you to exercise. You may even pay slimming club fees to keep you accountable to your diet. You buy health magazines, vitamins, healthy snacks and new workout clothes.
There's a part of you that clings to the idea of finding 'the right diet' the one that will work this time. But deep down you know that the next diet will fail too. You’re just not sure how to escape the dieting cycle.

The key to escaping the dieting cycle is the right mindset. The right mindset means finally saying what's on your mind, setting healthy boundaries, exploring your dreams, finally asking for what you want and need. Only then will you be ready to begin the healing journey of your body and your soul.

​Without the right mindset, you are just wasting money, time and energy on all that other stuff, while you're still not improving your health or how you feel about your body, and may in fact be causing more damage to your well-being.

So let's get together and get it all out...

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