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Investigating the 'wild side' of life and the phenomenon that many refuse to believe. The primary focus is giving these diverse paranormal events context within the larger Vedic understanding. The Vedas are the ancient literatures of India and provide a larger framework within which to see occurrences that do not neatly fit within a limiting materialistic and eliminative so-called scientific worldview.

Our modern world has much technological information, but at the same time, seems to be lost in many practical respects as well. What are we missing? Can there be a large overview which puts the paranormal with its numerous strange phenomenon into one overarching structure?

We will discuss Reincarnation, Ghosts, ESP, Out-of-the-Body Experiences, Cryptids, UFO's, Universal Cosmology, Xenoglossy, Phobias, Curses, Time-Travel, Karma, Hypnotic-Regression, Past-Lives and many other related themes.

The focus will be, not so much proving or disproving such occurrences nor actual hands-on of exploring such phenomenon, but more the examination of accounts and giving those accounts context. Is our modern perspective also just another Mythology that needs to be investigated to see how it shapes our thinking?

Sessions will take place on Thursdays at 26-2nd Avenue in Manhattan at 7:00-8:30 pm.

A presentation will be made and there will be discussion afterwards and there will be a time for suggesting future session topics.

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