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What we’re about

Are you someone who likes playing tennis and having an awesome time in general? Then this group is for you! We play singles and doubles tennis, both socially and competitively! When we're not playing tennis, we love organizing other activities such as happy hours, hiking, get togethers, and other urban and outdoor adventures in general! Sound like a good time? Then join in on the fun, and help us come up with new ways to enjoy our time here in the great location that is the Washington DC Metro Area!

Below you will find the rules for our meetup

--------------------- TENNIS Event RULES ------------------------------

1. All all times be respectful of other members and organizers. Those that can not respect our members, our organizers, or our rules will be banned.

2. If you like to attend an event you must RSVP. Please do not attend any events unless you have a spot on the "Attending" list.

3. This group believes that it is the most fun for everyone when members are engaged in the events and activities of the group. Therefore we take cancellations very seriously. As everyone please play careful attention to these specific rules for attending events:
a. If you RSVPed "Yes" and later decided to not come, please change the RSVP to "No" so the first member on the waiting list can get your spot.
b. If you choose to not to attend an event that you RSVPed "Yes" to please make sure you cancel your RSVP not later than 8 hours before the event so that those on the waitlist will have time to make accommodations if they are moved to the "Attending" list. . Anyone that cancel within 8 hours of the event will be considered a "No Show". Please take this into consideration if you are on the waiting list as the assumption is all those on the waiting list will be able to attend if they are moved up to the "Attending" list.
c. Anyone who is on the "Attending" list as of 8 hours of the event and do not show up for the event will be considered a "No Show".
d. If any member has two "No Show"s within a 3 month span that member will be suspended from the group for 3 months. Please avoid no show and late cancellation as you are taking away from someone else's change to enjoy the event.
e. Members are expected to arrive on time and stay for the duration. If you more than 15 minutes late you will be considered a "No Show". Upon arrival, we expect you to play for the duration of the event.