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What's Happening in Amsterdam!


To celebrate what this great city has to offer we are building a stronger Amsterdam community.

Meet new friends, socialize, build networks, learn and experience a few new things and most importantly have FUN!

You are also welcome to become our next Event Organizer.

By doing so you will be able to invite this group members to any of your Activities, Festivals, Film, Arts, Coffee, Food, Sport, Fashion, Education, Self-improvement lectures and any other of the many social activities that are to be held in Amsterdam.

This meetup group is staffed by numerous independent Event Organizers who will on a regular basis conduct a diverse range of meetups.

I myself volunteer at the Church of Scientology and will from time to time announce Life Improvement Meetups. (Not "faith" based)

They have to do with communication, relationship, trust, drugs, improving study and other such "tools" that one can use immediately to improve ones own life with. If you so wish you can already now see the many humanitarian actions and some of our technology (knowledge) in action.

Tune into our network TV Channel that is broadcasting 24/7 at http://www.scientology.tv

Together we can build an even more amazing tollerant, vibrant and happy community in Amsterdam.

Much Love.

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