What we're about

The Wheaton Latin Language Meetup Group brings people together to study the beautiful ancient Latin language in a group setting. People at all levels from beginners to Latin teachers are invited to join. There is no cost for this group except for the study materials. The study materials are not very expensive.

We will use the proven Henle method using an eclectic grammatical and vocabulary building approach. This approach is very logical and emphasizes a slow but effective grammar building method using the right amount of vocabulary necessary to reinforce grammatical concepts. Grammar is made simple with this method. Using the group study method, it becomes even easier.

Emphasis will be placed on all four aspects of language learning: Reading, Writing, Listening AND Speaking. Teaching the Latin language using all four aspects of language learning has become more popular in recent years.

The pace will be adjusted to the individuals in the study. Members are expected to do all of the assignments in the program. Assignments will be reviewed together in group study. After assignments are reviewed, group members will speak to each other in Latin using the material from the assignments. This study should be engaging, fun and challenging.

All age groups from high school and up are welcomed. All educational and religious backgrounds are also welcomed. Membership is not limited to people from Wheaton but is open to people from all areas. All that is required is a willingness to learn (or help teach) Latin by participating in this successful program.

We will meet at the Wheaton Public Library or other suitable location agreed upon by the group.

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