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When it comes to product development these days, there are many different scenarios where patents can be useful tools to protecting your intellectual property. But patents aren’t right for every product. So how do you know if a patent is right for you?
We’re pleased to announce Patent Attorney Chris Peil will be discussing patenting at Menlo Park design firm, Focus Product Design. In this interactive Meetup, Chris will be taking questions from the audience regarding protecting your Intellectual Property, Patenting during crowdfunding, filing Provisional Patents and more.
The night’s agenda will include:

What products should be patented?
Is it best to patent before or after crowdfunding?
What do I risk if I do or do not file a patent?
What alternatives are there to patenting to protect my IP?

There will be time devoted to networking with fellow entrepreneurs, and representatives from Focus Product Design, EFactor and Peil Law.

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