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Vampires have long lurked in the corners of the world, hiding from the eyes of men and monster. But even the most secretive of them must gather at night in the Hidden Parlors of the world. There, the true rulers of the night scheme and plot to keep themselves hidden.

Here in Fredericksburg, bastions of the vampire sects struggle, seeking dominance in a millennia old cold war. And immortality itself, that oldest of prizes, rests on the line. How will our stories end? Only the Kindred of Fredericksburg know…

Vampire the Masquerade is a Gothic Horror RPG, with a strong focus on story, player interactions, and social gatherings. Play is in a nation-wide game, with chapters in all over the country. You can portray the same characters in all chapters of our club, or at conventions.

Our only rule book is available on RPGNow.com, under the publisher By Night Studios. The title is Minds Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade. Our chronicle is part of the global chronicle played in the Hidden Parlor LARP Community.

Players must be 18+.

Further club details can be found at http://www.hiddenparlor.com .

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