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The ReLOVEution WILL be televised, because it will be EVERYWHERE. The ReLOVEution will be audacious. The ReLOVEution will be a cultural reversal. The ReLOVEution will be unavoidable as each of us becomes the change we want to see. The ReLOVEution will leave no one untouched. Nothing can stop the ReLOVEution.

Our members aren't afraid to challenge old assumptions and beliefs, and they love to experiment and take action, not just to learn but to change themselves and others. Be the change you want to see and realize you'll have an impact. Use it.

The world is changing. The old authoritarianism of centuries past is thrashing in death throes. The so-called rulers and leaders are blind with greed and power, and they're getting desperate. Now is the time for ReLOVEutionary action. No one is going to do it for us. WE need to make a new way forward. WE need to lead THEM.

I've been working on this for eight years, writing and discussing my heart out. I haven't been able to do much on my own. I need local compadres. I hope we have many here in the south end.

Please check out how far ReLOVEutionary thinking has come at http://reloveution.org . There's more elsewhere, but that's the latest. There's a lot of material there, so start with https://reloveutionnow.wordpress.com/about-reloveution/

We also have a Facebook group ReLOVEution NOW! at

To start, our fledgling group will brainstorm what we're about and what we'll tackle. All that you need to bring is an open mind and a resolve to instigate change.

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