What we're about

We say "God is Love" ...
then unwittingly present a pretty frightening picture of God to the world.

Perhaps the time has come to clear up some long-held misunderstandings.
Sadly, we have falsely understood God to be both good and evil. This has spiralled mankind into a state of blame, shame, fear and guilt.

Fortunately there is One who does understand the heart of God and the plight of mankind. We would like the opportunity to share the most unimaginably beautiful picture of God!

This revelation was given to the world through the clearest picture of God that the world has ever seen ...the words, actions, heart and legacy of His son, Jesus Christ.

Every Saturday @ 11:30am join us and experience this LOVE!

Jesus came to shed light into this darkened world,
to restore our relationship with our Father and to heal our hearts.

He wants us to know that... GOD IS LOVE, ONLY, ALWAYS! He loves you unconditionally and that will never change how He feels towards you. No matter what has happened or what has been done!

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