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Your Heart's Next Adventure (prerequisite: The Heart of Intimacy)
Remember the feeling you took away with you from The Heart of Intimacy? Floating in that blissful state of connectedness, open to possibilities, you were joyful and in touch with who you are. Your next step is to become aware of what your heart already knows! You have the ability to choose each moment how you're going to be. Couples & singles are welcome. Although we work toward gender balance, we cannot always guarantee it. Please take time to read Pages above. This workshop is held in Los Gatos, CA (S. F. South Bay) every 4 months on the 4th Saturday evening. We start promptly at 7 pm, so plan to arrive 15 min. early. Seeing the need for heart connection in our fast-paced world, Baba Nicole Herrick introduced White Spirit Tantra in 1995. Baba is a masterful relationship counselor who specializes in Tantric communication. She is the director of Omega Fellowship, a Non-Profit Human Potential Organization serving the SF Bay area for 49 years. For more details, go to

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Everyone has the capacity for deep connection! Step into the magic of Being Here Now and emerge transformed. You will discover the secret of weaving the strands of vitality, harmony and passion into a fresh view of life and love. White Spirit Tantra is based on the principle of "Namaste." This translates as: The divine spirit within me honors the divine spirit within you.

Tantra works with the balance of male and female energies, and The Heart of Intimacy is open to couples and individuals. If you want to attend, it’s important that you prepay to be included in our tally for gender balance. Until your payment is received your name is on a waiting list, and the closer we get to the event, the less likely it is that you can be matched with someone of the opposite gender. Please note, regarding numbers of people registered: Not everyone attending signs up through Meetup. To keep the number of registered people accurate on this website, I will be adding guests after my name. Come join us in celebration of the spirit of Namaste! I look forward to meeting you soon, Baba

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