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This is a group for everybody who would like to understand a bit more about themselves, and the people they live or work with, through sharing with others.

Maybe you would like to know why your kids always clash, or why your partner is so sensitive... or not sensitive enough. Maybe you would like to know why you or somebody you love never seem to fit in. Maybe you want to know why you have chosen a certain profession. Maybe you just want to share what you know about personality types or learn what others know.

The silly little cartoon on this page represents two people reaching out to each other over an invisible wall. This invisible wall symbolizes the communication problems that result from our inborn natural type differences (personality clashes and misunderstandings). Our group aims to help people reach out through understanding the different personality types.

The key is that once we understand that we are not all alike, we can open our minds to sharing rather than judging each other and learn to celebrate our differences. The main focus of this group is on understanding the 16 psychological types first described by Carl Jung and made popular by Myers-Briggs and David Keirsey, but with some adjustments that bring it from just descriptive accounts of our differences in which you know your "typename" to a deeper understanding of what goes on inside us that makes us so different in one way and so alike in another.

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