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Who Do You Think You Are?

This group meets weekly to delve into the mystery of who we are. The intention of the group is to combine the latest scientific information and the classical spiritual technologies to come to a better understanding of the mystery of our own consciousness and existence. Through reading, discussions and different spiritual and meditative technologies, we will look at what makes us uniquely human and how we can use the study of our own consciousness to create better, more fulfilling lives.

The group is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Carlos Warter and will include video conference with Dr. Warter from time to time as part of the meetups. The local group will be led by a local student of Dr. Warter who has been studying with him since 1994.

Carlos (Charles) Warter, M.D., (ABFP,AAPM) Int Fellow APA; Ph.D.(psychology) has spent over forty years journeying between the fields of western medicine and the deep exploration of spiritual practices from around the world. With a life dedicated to empowering the sacred in health and medicine, he is now presenting the synthesis of his work in a body of knowledge based on the advancement of science which in the past three years has doubled the knowledge of millennia as the psych - entheo -synergy genome data as the future of what will be NEO Psychology and Psychiatry

In his programs, he combines the ancient and the futuristic boundless possibilities in order to activate the depth of spiritual and conscious identity with compassion and loving understanding for the transitional social issues that we are facing---thus bringing a human face and global awareness to material globalization. This is central to deep personal growth and lies at the root of human development. For more information about Dr. Warter and his work, please see www.drwarter.com or https://www.facebook.com/CarlosWarter/

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Independence to Integration: A Celebration of Life

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Video Conference with the Author! + discussion

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