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Calling All Veterans from all Services and generations!

Have you ever struggled finding your “purpose” after the military? How about your overall direction in Life? Motivation level up or down? Some days do you feel as though you’re just here, on Earth… floating along? Do you lack Energy, passion, joy and creativity? When is the last time you had FUN (au natural Fun)?

What is your mission now that you are done serving?
DO YOU crave an EXCEPTIONAL Life? Yes?!
Don’t know where to start?
+Start here:
Whole Energy Veterans

We have created a place where we (veterans of all branches/generations,wars) can ALL find/share purpose again... together!

Come to a MeetUP! Meet other vets...find a sense of purpose AGAIN with actual real world personal and group missions! Regain your internal youth Energy and Vitality. AND let’s help each other--- while simultaneously making a difference in our local communities and nationwide!

If you aren’t learning in life, you aren’t living your life. That SIMPLE!

+ Become a lifelong learner just by joining or attending this MeetUP...
- What will we discuss?
Life event management
Personal Energy Management tactics
Habit and Goal Setting
Mastering our Emotional Guidance System
“Thought Traffic Controller” strategies
Personal outcome mastery and event resiliency techniques
Employing the Law of Attraction
Time Mgmt-Productivity & “life hacks”
Nutrition and fitness fundamentals
The Jack Canfield Success Principles
(Don’t know who Jack Canfield is?…Google him, amazing man!)

Bottom Line---No matter what “Events” have occurred to you up to this point in life…Whole Energy Veteran’s (WE-VET) meetings will teach you simple solution oriented life strategies to keep you in a warrior and WINNER mindset.
You will learn and share skills at each MeetUp that will naturally bring more joy into your life… and of course bring you closer to your goals. Don’t have goals? No worries…you will soon. Come.

Whole Energy Veterans is founded by recently retired Army CW4 Harold Peck JR.

+Chief Peck is a new Palm Beach County resident and ocean/beach lover! He is also a “regular dude” who loves SunSHINE, fitness and living FULLY.
Having just retired after 26+ active years...Chief Peck is on a personal mission to Energize and Empower people / Veteran’s to create a fun, fit and Joy-FULL life.
He is a 5x combat deployed Soldier, Whole Energy coach, public speaker, and business entrepreneur. Harold has OVERCOME many battles with loss, depression, PTSD, pain, and general anxiety.
WE-VET, Whole Energy Veterans is Co-Founded and Co-Facilitated by CiCi Fox (Kick-ASS Marine Veteran)

One more time fellow Vets, answer these THREE Simple Questions:
2. Do you WANT one?
3. Are you willing to take forward action?

If you answered 3 "Roger that's" ...
THEN Join, or just attend! See what happens. It is time to press “play” on your life. Say FU to the past…and NOW to the future. (FUN:)

Join this group of motivated individuals who call themselves Whole Energy Veterans. Simply attend the next MeetUP and see what happens from there.
BTW, classes are free… so you have EVERYTHING to gain.


*Please NOTE-*This group is a High Energy-SOLUTION oriented MeetUP, not a problem-oriented “low Energy” MeetUP.
In other words…we do NOT focus on whining, politics, moaning and complaining. If we identify a problem that we need to focus our attention / skill set on, then we will proceed accordingly with commitment, action & evaluation.

Also PLEASE NOTE*- If Chief Peck is presenting material, please be aware that he sometimes "cusses" (when he gets excited). *Not cursing at you, just in general...so if cursing really bothers you, then some of these MeetUPs language choices might "offend" you. Be advised.

We here at WE-VET strive to develop a WINNER mindset, not a whiner mindset.

Whole Energy Veterans
"Forward and UP...Now!"

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