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Inviting Awareness with Evan Root on Orr's Island, Maine

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Inviting Awareness

“Having used thought to transcend the body, we have not yet learned to use awareness to transcend thought. That, I believe, will be the next development for men and women.” - Ken Wilber, Up From Eden

July 9, 6 PM to July 12, 6 PM 2015
Crow’s Nest (the family summer home of Margaret Arndt) Orr’s Island Maine
Facilitated by Evan Root

There is a tendency for us to live in a continuum of familiar thoughts and feelings. From the field of awareness, we can look at what is occurring from outside our habitual patterns, thus accessing new freedom in the present.

Inviting Awareness is an inquiry into the human condition and our evolutionary possibility. By giving attention to life as it is being lived, as an individual and as a group, we have an extraordinary opportunity for a deep and insightful living/learning exploration together.

Grounded in direct experience and sublimely simple, there is very little new information needed to learn. With just a few guidelines, we attend to what is occurring moment by moment – life is experienced as an active meditation, simply and without specific technique. Learning (or unlearning) occurs in the context of everyone’s participation and, most importantly, from one’s direct experience.

Our exploration occurs through dialogue, focused awareness sessions, games, exercises, and whatever extemporarily arises. Most fundamentally, the course is about bringing awareness to life and unfolding the Self that is already radiant, whole and perfect.

Participants from previous courses credit this program with…

Awakening inner guidance, Freeing up creative energy,
Enhancing self-expression, Opening to spontaneity,
Reducing reactivity, Increasing confidence, Inner peace

Sample feedback from previous events

“I have more courage to speak my truth with love and deal with each issue in the moment without taking things personally.”

“I felt a sense of presence and implicit grace which allowed many of the conceptual layers of a lifetime to fall away, revealing the simple native intelligence of the Self. What I encountered here has restored an authenticity that had felt lost since childhood.” “Excruciating, exhilarating, empowering and energetic…the layers were taken away to reveal fundamental truths about who I was and who we were as a group – a profound and life changing experience.”

“Evan offers a direct learning experience, where deeply conditioned beliefs, reactions, and images are simply looked at. One is given the rare and blessed opportunity to sit with one's self and others and look deeply. Of course, this can be amazing, a bit frightening and very enlivening. I have found parts of myself that I thought were long lost and lost parts of myself I thought I could never let go of. In all of this, there is real possibility for a fresh looking, and a pure awareness, a return to a presence and solid ground of being that is our birthright and our blessing.”

“The what-is experience was, for me, unlike anything else I have ever done. It has opened up new inner potentials that were before unimagined but which are now manifesting in daily life. I cannot emphasize enough the value of the experience for me. Anyone with any interest in this at all should embrace the opportunity.”

Who should consider attending?

Is there something in this course description that resonates with you? If so, this is a rare opportunity, please follow your inner leading.

Prior to the course there will be an informational presentation at the Arndt-Snieckus home on April 10th, 8:15 PM, after their Friday dinner. For details, go to . If you are unable to attend, you can contact Evan Root directly to find if another one is being scheduled or to arrange a conversation with him at (

About Evan Root

“In 1981, after a particularly barren stretch of life, I experienced a shift in consciousness that precipitated a profound experience of non-separateness. It was and is a homecoming. With that, I knew I would gladly give my life to making this simple fact - we are one inseparable life - known at deeper levels and wider reaches. My life’s work had found me.”

Evan is the founder of Kindling Point an educational initiative fostering awareness of the non-separate nature of life and supporting the unfolding of human potential. He has worked as a facilitator, trainer and coach with individuals, small and large groups, prison inmates, large and small corporations, governmental departments, and nonprofit organizations.

The Venue

The Crow’s Nest has five bedrooms for guests and two bathrooms and can accommodate 10 course participants. An open porch overlooking Harpswell Sound faces west providing a spectacular view of the sunset and oftentimes Mt. Washington in N.H. over 100 miles away! For further information regarding David, Margaret and Crow’s Nest, including photos, go to:

Wholesome vegetarian meals, by experienced macrobiotic chef, David Snieckus, will be provided.

Cost and Registration

Cost for lodging and meals: $300 Tuition for Inviting Awareness Course: $195 Total Cost: $495

Lodging is based on two people per room, & includes 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners, starting with a welcome dinner on Thursday night. If you wish to stay additional nights, the cost for lodging and three meals per night is $100. (A la Carte is available.)

For questions regarding the course, please contact Evan at or (508) 881-4984

Questions regarding lodging & meals, please contact Margaret at or (617) 244-1966.

To reserve a space, please complete a registration form (which can be obtained by e-mailing Margaret at ) and mail it along with your payment in full of $495 or $100 non-refundable deposit, balance before June 15, to: Margaret Arndt, 99 Crescent St., Newton, MA 02466. Upon receipt of your registration, more details, including directions, will follow.

Space will be available on a first-come basis. As space is limited, early registration is advised.

Cancellation Policy: If you have to cancel at any time after June 15th and before the workshop event, we will consider 50% to be a non-refundable deposit and will refund you the balance of your course/lodging fee unless we can fill your spot and still maintain our required number of participants, in which case we will refund you the total fee less the $100 non-refundable deposit.

7 Rockledge Road · Orr's Island, ME