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This meetup is a learning community of women and men who are actively transforming their experience of love -- by releasing old love paradigms based in lack and building a radically new world of love and relationship that is sourced in their own wholeness.

In this meetup, you'll participate in group discussion, facilitated activities (including expressive arts, such as drawing, movement, journaling, etc.) and guided meditations. Together we learn and grow in a playful, safe and supportive environment.

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Join us for one of our monthly gatherings, and check out our introductory e-course running in October (


More about Whole Hearts in Love:

At the very core, we long for deep, soul-nourishing love. A roots-and-wings kind of love. A love that grounds us. Connects us to what’s real. And a love that gives us wings. To soar to new heights of passion and joy.

Unfortunately, most of us were taught to do love from an old paradigm that is based in lack. We were taught to seek out partners who would complete us, fill us up, be our better half.

That old “love from lack” paradigm made us into hungry ghosts searching the world for the one who would fill the emptiness we felt within. We might have found “one” who could fill us up for a while, but it wasn’t sustainable. Sooner or later we’d be back to feeling the emptiness we’d been trying to fill all along.

Fortunately, one simple yet profound shift in perspective can result in creating the love you’ve always desired:

The love we create from lack, diminishes. The love we create from wholeness, expands.

When we create love from the wholeness of our own hearts, we tap into all the love, support, connection and joy we could possibly ever desire … AND ... We get to share it in overflow with another whole-hearted soul.

Our Whole Hearts in Love Meetup Group is a community of like-hearted souls who are transforming their experience of love and relationship from lack to wholeness.

Join us for one of our monthly gatherings, and check out our introductory e-course running in October (


Confidentiality: In order for this Meetup to thrive, participants must feel safe to experiment. For this reason, we encourage maintaining strict confidentiality with respect to the content of our discussions.

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