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Are you seeking and ready to expand your knowledge of the body, mind, spirit in a loving and accepting environment? We offer classes and help weekly in informative small groups that will touch on self-improvement, spirituality, wellness, parenting, and relationship development among other topics.

Welcome to EVERYONE who is interested in holistic perspectives and an integrated approach to health and well-being. The Council of Families for Children is a non-profit 501c3 corporation in its twelfth year serving north and north central Texas.

CFC's mission statement:

We are committed to improving opportunities for success for children and their families - all kinds of families, no matter the race, color, creed or sexuality, by developing and promoting integrative service providers and educational services for the achievement of whole health.

CFC's vision statement:

CFC recognizes that traditions are no longer enough to sustain families. We no longer can rely on traditional family units and therefore support and value all families, traditional and non-traditional. Because of this, it is our belief that traditional medication, education and labels no longer work. CFC is sensitive to and supportive of spiritual, cultural and societal differences within our worldwide community.

Our commitment is two fold:

1. To develop, support and promote holistic providers dedicated to healing the mind, body and soul of all for happier, healthier individuals.

2. To develop a resource for integrated services and educate the families we serve and the public on the availability of alternative approaches for a greater well-being and how to use them.

The Council of Families (CFC) Holistic Center

One way we are working in the community is by providing a meeting place for ANYONE wanting to use our facility for meetings, classes, support groups, and events of all kinds. Of course, our main focus is still on holistic and metaphysical meetings to educate, entertain, inspire, and support well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. So, we are offering, through our own staff, our membership, and the community:

• support, meditation,

• group (and individual) hypnosis,

• biofeedback,

• music and sound therapy,

• empowerment and advocacy

• communication models

• coaching training and certification

• and MUCH, MUCH more!

We welcome EVERYONE wanting to participate in fun, unique, interesting and educational events with other people who have similar interests and to those who want to offer these events to their members.

And welcome to ALL who want an interesting place to "hang out," and absorb the wonderful energy of loving, compassionate people. Come join us to share ideas, support, information and intuitive gifts with each other as we share our perspectives, intuitive gifts, insights, skills, and knowledge with YOU. .

From time to time, we also offer other activities for fun, insightful perspectives, and special community classes for inspiration, meditation, and manifestation.

And if YOU have an event (party, celebration, class, meetup....) contact us to use our facility for your event!

Past events (18)

S.O.U.L.- School of Unlimited Learning

CFC dba Full Circle Wellness

S.O.U.L.- School of Unlimited Learning

CFC dba Full Circle Wellness

Law of Attraction as taught by Florence Scovel Shinn

The Council of Families for Children

Law of Attraction as taught by Florence Scovel Shinn

The Council of Families for Children


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