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This group is focused on exploring, understanding, and applying the concepts of wholehearted living... learning to experience our emotions more fully, learning to love, connect, and understand ourselves, our friends, and our partners in a deep, profound, and wholehearted way, and identifying and overcoming the things that "get in the way."

The group meets to share, discuss, and experience the work embodied in Brené's 14+ years of research, as described in her books "The Gifts of Imperfection", "Daring Greatly", "I Thought It Was Just Me", and in her Connections and Daring Way™ curricula.

In addition to regular ongoing meetings, we will be offering facilitated three-day group intensives based on the Daring Way™ and Connections work, rooted in understanding authenticity, wholehearteness, worthiness, vulnerability, and shame resilience.

We read her books, watch her videos, and discuss how all of the above issues interact with each other and affect our own lives. The group is open to everyone, and we meet once or twice a month, on Thursday evenings.

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