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Any wholistic practitioner or person who is looking for alternative health modalities or assistance on their Spiritual path is encouraged to join us! Whether you are a seeker or have years of experience, all are welcome!

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Friday Night is Ladies Night at STL!

Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC

Ladies have soooo much light to shine! Friday nights will be reserved for Ladies to come together and share stories, uplift each others souls and search deep for connection to what we know will become a weekly healing chat event! This soul sisterhood will become one where Blessings are bestowed upon all. Sharing in a sacred confidential circle, belief in Divine knowing and faith in each other are required! Oh, what a night! By donation!

Tai Chi class with Cindy Hoag!

Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC

• What we'll do Tai Chi is a great way to improve Balance, Grace and Mental Focus. It can assist one in relaxing, moving toward mindfulness, and releasing stuck energy in the body. Energy Healers, Medical personnel, Caregivers also can use Tai Chi and QiGong to increase their Qi and energy, which will improve inner vitality and overall health. Get 6 classes for $98.00 if purchased as a package or pay $20 to drop in! Students will learn the Yang Style 24 form Tai Chi & Simple QiGong movements.30 minute Mindful Meditation offered immediately after Tai Chi class. $5.00 if Tai Chi student that day / $10.00 for walk-in at 10:30am. • What to bring • Important to know

Meditation Monday under the Copper Pyramid!

Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC

The Copper Pyramid may: -Increase psychic and spiritual impressions -Increase memory recall -Aid in sleep (yes some have fallen asleep under it) -Increase healthy cells, tissues and organs -Reduce blood pressure and stress -Reduce Pain and symptoms of illness -Meditations will be faster, deeper and more rewarding Schedule an hour with us and choose any or all of the following: - Get saged - Receive a reiki boost - Select Your preferred relaxing cd - Roll on the designed DoTerra Essential Oil blend made especially for this meditation (yes, you can buy one if you like it!) - Borrow our crystals picked to enhance your experience - Read the written meditation - GO WITHIN! The calm you feel by the sights, sounds, smells and total atmosphere will bring you back for the experience again and again! We spend so much time and money on other things, isn’t it time to put YOU first? Appointments are recommended, but we will accommodate drop-ins if the room and our staff are free. Use our services and the room for only $15 for an hour or $10 for half an hour any time we are open! Buy a package deal to get one a month for a year at $150 and $ave $30! Want to attend weekly? Pay $500, and $ave $280! ONLY $10 FOR AN HOUR ON MONDAY! Call for your private appointment.


Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC

Most of us who have chosen a life that includes spiritual and holistic exploration truly enjoy deep conversations with other like-minded people. You can join us any Monday evening to share your stories and to hear about the experiences of others. There is no specific charge for this meeting, but heartfelt donations do help us pay for the rent, heat and lights. The most important things to bring are yourselves, your ideas and your stories! Coffee, tea, water and light snacks are provided.

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Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation with ILona

Sharing The Light Wholistic Center, LLC

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