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We have currently plugged ourselves into a very serious project: We are about offering to anyone from the world to EXPLORE MORE into Johor, Malaysia. It is a waste and shame that we are on/nearby this land and not to explore it, what to say to love it. (the reality is we do not have good means to do it, yes we know...)

We want to revive the confidence of any form of travelers to WALK INTO JOHOR via our unique vision. We hope by our means of effort, we can make Johor MORE friendly to you. MORE accessible to you. MORE trustworthy to you.

May we ask you a question, have you been a backpacker (it is the trend now), or if you wish to be one? "Backpacking" doesn't only mean travel solo at a budget way, but it fundamentally means at the end of each journey (of travel), you grow...

What if there is an opportunity that you can (try to) be a one-day backpacker, traveling into several beautiful Johor towns in a sharing small comfortable coach of 10 or 14 where you can make your new friends who may be from Germany or Iceland or Venezuela... at a backpacker's price and explore your own favourite spot of attraction at each of the towns...

"Happiness only real when shared" - Christopher McCandless

We witnessed the smiling faces of the people when sharing their stories or experiences to new friends during the travel journey. it is priceless. it is priceless.

Use your own eyes and feet to discover the beauty of Johor, not by hearing.

Johor is actually very beautiful. Whether it is true or not, you tell us.

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