What we're about

We empower and inspire Brisbane women in the agile community to share knowledge, solve problems and generate ideas in a safe environment by leveraging the diversity of the group.

Our values of Support, Share, Inspire and Collaborate are supported by the following principles:

• We commit to helping each other by listening so we can understand what it's like being in their shoes.

• We proactively come together with an open mind to achieve positive outcomes.

• We commit to creating opportunities for innovative outcomes by energetic engagement.

• We commit to creating an open environment where everyone can not only share their opinions, views and experiences, but be heard.

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Women in Agile - Brisbane - Embrace the Storm of Transformations

A storm is coming :) More details to come. Speaker: Renae Craven ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sponsored by Fishburners and Innodev Pty Ltd

Women in Agile - Brisbane - Lean Cocktail

Needs a location

This event will be a lean coffee (which we're calling lean cocktail!) style in a relaxed atmosphere. The topic for this event is: TBD For those who aren't sure what a Lean coffee (cocktail!) is, it's a great way to have focused time-boxed conversations on suggestions or questions from the group. The event will be facilitated in the following way: - Questions are written on post-it notes by the group based on the topic - Questions are then voted on - The voted questions are then prioritised into the 'To Do' backlog - The top question will be moved to 'In Progress' and discussed by the group for 5 minutes. - At the end of the 5 minute time-box, the group will vote on whether to continue discussing the topic for about 3 minutes, or if the topic is done. - When the question is done, the next voted question will be discussed (and the 5 minute timebox starts again). Don't worry, we'll have experienced facilitators helping the groups! Also please note that any drinks are self-funded.

Women in Agile - Brisbane - Save the Date

Needs a location


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Women in Agile - Brisbane - Lean Cocktail


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