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Merry meet!
I created this group to bring together all Wiccans around Seixal.
Get together for the important moments through the year (Sabbat, Moon cycle, etc..), offer Tarot reading or Astrology advices, share nice moments and ideas (rituals, altars, tarot spreads, anything you have to offer!), go together into the nature and simply feel accepted and loved.
Blessings :)

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Full moon – Blood Moon

Lounge Bar "Letras e Talheres"

It's the dark half of the year, and the veil between our world and the spirit world is thin. Samhain is coming. We'll focus on divination, communication with departed ancestors, and psychic messages this month. If you have a preferred divination method and you want to share it with us, feel free!

Samhain, the witches' new year

Parque Urbano do Seixal

This event needs no description! Let's share rituals, home/altar decor and plans for the Wiccan New Year's Eve coming. Good purposes for the year coming, and what to take with us from the year ending.

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September Full Moon - Full Harvest Moon

Parque Urbano do Seixal

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