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This group has been set up to facilitate Wicca. We celebrate the four great fire festivals in public rites as well as a training course in to Cochranian Wicca. The Seven Moons course. Which is run by The Order of the Horse and Moon. It is a Seven Moon training with a view to dedicated commitement to offer you an initiation into the order, with a view to be placed within a coven. We have several meetup groups across the landscape of England, this one is the London one.

This group, is for you if wish to go down the Traditional pathway of the old festivals of England.

We will host the Seven Moons training either face to face in a venue in London or on a social platform. On the sixth moon we will discuss the options available to those who have run the course in a dedicated fashion, to receive initiation in to the Order of the Horse and the Moon.
We have a growing number of members who have come through our groups who wish to follow the old festivals by joining together and celebrating the tides of the year, within a coven setting within London.

Our groups are for you if you have a deep connection with the belief of the old ways of England.

We take the view as a collective spiritual group that following these festivals is available to all regardless of beauty, age, sexual orientation, wealth or cultural background. That you bring harmony and kindness and reaonate with the lands and nature, and our various covens.

We have a consensus of well being for everyone within our groups and welcome all those who know that spirituality is inherent with in us all.

Our ethos is Mills 'Harm Principle, harm none'

Our groups are only for those over the age 21.

May the goddess be with you

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