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Wiccan Federation: Imbolc Members Rite
This is the quarterly meeting of the Wiccan Federation. Attendance at this meeting is part of a membership which costs £5 per quarter. All attendees will receive a copy of the quarterly booklet which in this case is 'An Introduction to Wicca'.

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What we're about

The Wiccan Federation is a national organisation for Wiccans. The purpose of the Federation is to provide access to Wicca and to represent our members. The group has been formed by initiated Wiccans but solitaries are also welcome as long as they identify as Wiccans.

The core principles of this organisation are

1. That we are non denominational and seek to bring together all those who self identify as Wiccans. This includes all lineages and the self initiated.

2. That the federation is fully democratic with the principle of one person one vote

3. That members accept the Wiccan Rede.

The Meetup group is available to provide a place for all Wiccan groups around the country who are not able to run their own meetup group. Being a member of this meetup does not make you a member of the Wiccan Federation. In order to join the WF you should register on the website below

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