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We are a group of film makers who are interested in the creation of films about Wicca and Witchcraft. At the heart of this group is a mix of film makers and active Witches and Wiccans. We have a good understanding of the real life practice of Wicca and Witchcraft and all the props, robes and know how to write and make Wicca/Witchcraft films. We are looking to work with those interested in this genre, whether Wiccans or Film Makers. We are planning a couple of films, one a biopic of Robert Cochrane, the other a general film built around the practice of Wicca.

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Announcement: Project Website for Clan of Cain
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A website has been produced to provide more information about this project. It is at the site below http://clanofcain.weebly.com

Announcement: Wiccan & Witchcraft Film Makers
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Announcement: Wicca Film Production Group (Clan of Cain) This is an update to keep members informed about progress and plans for this group. We held a successful first meeting at a North London Pub which was attended by 15 people with a range of skills. At this meeting it was clear that we should focus our efforts on making a single film. This has the working title of Children of Cain and will be a biopic based on the life of Robert Cochrane a witch from the 1960s. It will not be a precise biography but will seek to catch the mood of Cochrane's life. We plan to film elements of this over the coming months, beginning in late December. We are looking to take production as far as we can, ending with the production of a full length film of 90 - 120 minutes. We have various ideas of what will be done once the film has been taken as far as we are able, however we may look to work with partners at a later stage. There was some discussion about issuing a call for actors and actresses. This is likely to happen in December and we would look to run another meeting, probably in Central London in late December, early January. We will provide updates on the Meetup group. Please contact us if you are interested in acting in this film or have skills or equipment that will help in the production of this film. The contact e-mail is [masked] W&WFM

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Event Location E-Mail Sent 27th October: Meetup to discuss making Wicca Films

Public North London Venue on the Northern Line

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