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#NetworkingOverLunch with Wichita ALL Business (
A series of luncheons designed specifically to help you build your business through networking and sharing what you and your business offers.

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Free to attend.
Your only cost is your lunch or beverage during the meeting.
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Our Mission: Networking with passion and purpose. To help other businesses build relationships and to achieve their business goals with a priority on honesty, integrity, and willingness to help others succeed.

Learn Fundamentals of Networking from other businesses.

A safe place to learn.

Keeping it Local

Participate and experience a new approach to your business.
Meet with other local business owners to network.

Showcase your business.

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Come - get inspiration and motivation.
Find new customers.
Create events.
Cause Marketing.
Share advice and tips.
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We host our meeting at a variety of local businesses throughout Wichita to showcase locally owned businesses
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