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We are a group of regular Nordic Walkers, based in North County Wicklow. Nordic Walking uses specific walking poles which give a good upper body workout and great support. You don't have to use the Nordic poles, or even poles, if you want to walk with us, but most of the group chose to use them. Walks take place during the week (usually Tuesdays) and on Saturdays and Sundays and are posted up on the site here.

The Saturday morning walks are the best for "starters" and usually take place on Kilruddery Estate where there is a great range of terrains - fields, woods, open hillside and bog! These walks are usually two hours in duration and the pace is usually moderate, depending on the group....

Saturday afternoon walks vary in location - usually within County Wicklow, but occasionally we travel a little. We have done most of the Wicklow Way and the majority of peaks in County Wicklow, and in all types of weather!! We also do day trips and weekends away - we have an interesting range of places visited so far! We occasionally combine a walk with a site visit and have visited many castles and stately homes over the past ten years. We have even done a few boat trips.... Plans are afoot for a number of trips away this year also as well as some social events. Many of the regular walkers have become friends on the way, so we could be regarded as more than just a walking group.

Our group are best described as "moderate to good walkers, with their own transport" and we are a lively and friendly group and make new walkers very welcome. Anyone joining us must have walking boots, good rain gear, a rucksack with a basic first aid kit and a sense of humour. We also carpool, so you must be prepared to take your turn. Please note that there is a charge of €10 per walk, I supply poles to those who would like them, and I organise all events.

If this sounds like a group you would be comfortable with, we would be delighted to meet you...

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Join us for a virtual triathalon and give your brain a workout!

As you might expect, the glittering social occasion that is the annual WNW Christmas Party, cannot take place this year. Instead, we are offering the opportunity to socialise with your fellow walkers and perhaps dazzle them with your brilliance and wit instead! Our "triathalon" will take place via Zoom and will require three skill sets. Firstly, you are asked to supply a limerick or a haiku on the subject of nordic walking or walkers and to get this into the judges before 20 November. (This is the equivalent of submitting your woodwork or needlework project for the leaving cert! How hard can it be to find three words that rhyme, and two words that rhyme?) Your poems will be graded and added to your score and some will be read out.... We will then have some general knowledge questions, set by me and these will include current affairs (in every sense of the word!), useless facts, and some middle aged culture. Finally, we will have a round of dingbats - good for lateral thinking and head scratching. Valuable and prestigious prizes will be promised. Our MC for the evening will be the inimitable Martha and the judge's decision on all things will be final! You should have some nice refreshments to hand while answering these questions and a bit of glamour would be appreciated. No shorts a la Ming Flanagan please! This event is open to anyone who has walked with us before, and a sense of humour is required. You need to PM me your full name and email address to receive Zoom details

Our traditional post Xmas lunch - via a "glen to glen" hike with slopes aplenty!

Put this date in your diary - the day after Boxing Day/St Stephen's day, and time for a good walk. This year of all years, there is uncertainty over most things so it is good to have some constants. The mountains will be there, lunch is booked in the lovely Glenmalure Lodge and we are planning to walk there from Glendalough. The final details such as price, meeting location, and numbers allowed, will be clarified closer to the time. This walk is only open to those who have walked with us at least three times and have a proven level of fitness. Boots, walking clothes, and good rain gear is essential. No jeans please! So if you think you want to join us and are not sure of your fitness levels, we will have plenty of slopes for you to practice on between now and December!!

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