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Please read this introduction thoroughly so that you understand the intent of this group, the purpose to which it aspires, and who it is created for. If you are not a widow, widower, or have not suffered the loss of a partner or significant other, kindly have the decency not to join this group. Thank you.

This SECULAR GROUP is designed to offer support to those who have lost their beloved mate. It is open to widows and widowers; anyone of any age, orientation, culture, and belief system; regardless of whether your loss is recent or if you are still struggling after years. Time does not necessarily “heal all wounds”. The group is intended to offer a safe, casual, comforting, and non-judgmental environment of support to those who have suffered the trauma of losing their beloved. The focus is on cultivating a free-thinking community which fosters humanistic rather than religious ideas. Here, you will never hear the words “he or she is in a better place”. Discussions often turn philosophical or take on a spiritual bent, but this is not the place to “find god” or insinuate religion. Nor is it intended to replace grief counseling. Within WidowSPEAK, you are free to be who you are, how you are, and express your grief, fear, anger, etc. Nothing about what has happened to us is “fair” or “right” but, here we are. We must continue our lives without our beloved mates. As we share ideas for regaining our balance and sense of Self, we can all learn new coping skills and learn to LIVE WELL, despite our sorrow. This group is based on loving kindness and part of that is allowing one another the freedom to express whatever we each need to express, however we need to express it. While each meeting will have an intended theme, there is no rigidity. If you RSVP and cannot attend at the last minute, that's fine. Forgot to RSVP and want to attend at the last minute? That's fine! Things can get quite raw and intense, depending on what is happening to each individual member at any given moment. This is tough stuff, but, together, we take some bold steps toward moving forward, as we can, and grow into whoever we are about to become!

Join us. There are no strangers here. Only friends you have not yet met :-)

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Nature's Oasis - Convenience Market & Cafe

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