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If you are widowed or lost your partner and are looking for a grief support group for the widowed, run by the widowed, this is the place (we will use the term "widowed" to mean anyone who has lost their spouse or partner). In 2010 this group formed the very first peer-to-peer support group for the widowed community in the Phoenix area.

The widowed-to-widowed grief support group is a peer-to-peer grief support group facilitated by the widowed. The purpose of these groups is to provide a support system for the widowed, a place to listen to the experiences and stories of others that have also lost a spouse. This is a place to meet new people and build new friendships with those who know what you are going through. These groups are not primarily designed as social groups, but socializing certain does and can happen during or outside of the meetings.

The ground rules for these groups are as follows:

    We are religiously neutral. Members have various beliefs and we respect those beliefs. What is common among all members, though, is the death of a spouse or partner.

    What is said during the group meeting stays in the group meeting.

    Only one person has the floor at a time. If you wish to say something, raise your hand or get the attention of the person currently speaking or the facilitator.

    This is a support group. We don't diagnose problems and we don't provide advice. We provide support to each other.

While RSVPing to attend a meeting helps us manage attendance, it is not required. We understand you are apprehensive about attending and you're not quite sure what to expect. Because of this, you may notice that the RSVP numbers can be low during some meetings. This only means that some or many members attending the meetings aren't RSVPing, but still attend! So, give it a shot. Attend a meeting and you will come to appreciate listening to and talking with others who have also lost a spouse or partner. 

To join our group, we require answers to three questions. This is for the safety of all members. Only those who are widowed and in need of support are allowed to join. If you are not widowed or have the wrong intentions, your membership to this group will not be approved. If you join under false pretenses and are found out, your membership will be terminated. Thank you for understanding.

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