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What we’re about

Wild About Writing is for aspiring writers looking to improve their work through effective feedback from other fellow writers. This group provides access to free beta readers, author interviews, and workshops on publishing and writing techniques. This community values personal improvement, helpful commentary, and wants to encourage you to succeed by highlighting what works in your writing and help you improve what doesn’t represent your vision in its best light.    


Wild About Writing is based in Rochester, NY (EST) and is hosted on The group meets virtually once a week on Zoom. During the two (2) hour meetings, the attending six to ten members individually share 1000 words (1.5 - 2 pages) of an original, unpublished narrative of any genre or format such as novels, memoirs, screenplays, poetry, etc., verbally or by screen sharing. Each reading is followed by a 7-10 minute discussion on what worked in the piece and how to improve what didn’t by the other attending members.


Screen shared pieces should be in at least size 11 font with continuous lines. (If using Microsoft Word, click Layout on the menu bar> Line Numbers > Continuous)

Criticism is essential to make sure your story's vision is clear and the best version of itself. When you work on something alone in the dark for too long, you can become blind to its faults because your story is so clear to you. Outside feedback makes sure your story is clear to everyone else too. This is why a community like Wild About Writing is an essential tool to take your writing to the next level.

Members are welcomed and encouraged to suggest and/or host meetings. Remember to check social/ spam email folders regularly for updates. Write on!


If you’d like to support this community by donating towards the and Zoom subscription fees you can do so by Venmo (Hope-Worthington) or Paypal (