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This is a group for everyone who feels we've lost touch with our roots -- feeling lost that most urban dwellers no longer know how to grow and preserve food, find food, etc. We'll meet and discuss, and do hands-on workshops to get back to our fundamental skills of self-reliance. This is all about modern empowerment -- looking to the past to find meaning in the future. This is an opportunity to network with like-minded people and learn what they are doing, and to learn and practice new skills each time we meet.

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This Session is a complete lesson on the historical value of the ACORN in west coast native societies, along with some nutritional information. You will then go through the entire process of turning the raw acorn into a delicious food. You’ll shell, grind, leach, test, leach some more, and blend with a few other ingredients to make acorn food products.
We will also be cleaning and cooking some prickly pear cactus, and possibly other foods that are available
There will be minimal walking today, but still bring your field notebook.
This can apply to an Ethnobotany certificate.

More details here: https://www.schoolofself-reliance.com/event/wild-food-cooking-workshop-focus-on-acorn-processing/

SURVIVAL SKILLS Class, 5 weeks

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Friday, March 18, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., WILDERNESS AND URBAN SURVIVAL SKILLS Class, Five Weeks, $65.

Sponsored by Pasadena City College. Call (626)[masked] for information and registration. Cost to college is $65.

This course consists of five two-hour classes, on five consecutive Friday nights.

The Class topics include uses of wild plants for food and medicine, with plants that are in season now. We’ll go over how to purify and find water, and how to store water. Really important is how to make fire with both primitive and modern methods. Other topics include natural navigation, finding fibre from natural sources and making cordage, dealing with no electricity or no toilet, emergency shelters, tools and weapons, and more.

The conversation and questions from students makes this lively and engaging. Taught by Christopher Nyerges.

More details here:http://www.schoolofself-reliance.com/event/wilderness-survival-skills-class-5-weeks/

AUTUMN FORAGING: Wild Food and Useful Plants by the Season

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Meetup often gets the location incorrect. Upon registering with the school, the exact location details will be included. See link below.

This series of workshops, one per season, will show you nature through the seasons, from a forager’s perspective. The essence of this class is to develop seasonal knowledge and observational skills: How to look, where to look, what to look for. Plus, we will also focus on responsible and sustainable gathering methods, including collection of seeds and cuttings so you can grow plants in your own backyard.

You’ll learn how to identify and collect foods, medicines, soaps, fire-materials, and other useful parts of plants. You’ll learn to think like foragers of the past, who had to have an intimate knowledge of the seasons, and foresight for the future. (For example, sometimes you do NO foraging in an area if the plant or seed is not abundant.)

Join us each quarter for an insightful walk into a wild area, with a focus on interpreting what’s available that season. Each session will include demonstrations, hands-on practice, and sampling of the seasonal foods. Each session includes a list of what is normally available in that season.

In early autumn, it is usually dry, and plants are in a dormant phase. It’s typically hot, and dry. Streams will be dry, or running low. You’ll only find the hardiest of plants for eating, such as mustards. There still might be some manzanitas left to collect, and the acorns will just be starting to mature and to fall. Though it’s still early for toyon berries, you’ll be able to observe what sort of crop will be coming. You’ll be able to take note of what to look for in the next few months.

We’ll also share a few bushcrafting skills.

Location: San Gabriel Mountains. Meeting location to be sent upon registration.
Class fee:$65. (student/senior $45)
More Details here: https://www.schoolofself-reliance.com/event/autumn-foraging-wild-food-and-useful-plants-by-the-season/


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Wednesday, April 20, 7 to 9 p.m. WRITING FOR PUBLICATION, Pasadena City College. $65.

This is a 3-part workshop sponsored by Pasadena City College, taught by Christopher Nyerges.


This is a workshop where you get assignments, or you develop your own projects, share in class, and discuss how to market your work. To get the most out of this class, bring your own projects that you are trying to get published!

The whole purpose is to guide each student to develop their own ideas, and to find the various ways to get their work published.

Call PCC at (626)[masked] for information and registration.

More information here:http://www.schoolofself-reliance.com/event/writing-for-publication-2/

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