What we're about

Wild Mind Writers is, most accurately, an experiment. Drawing upon the work of Zen author Natalie Goldberg, eco-depth psychologist Bill Plotkin, Ritual coach and psychologist Daniel Foor, writing coach Julia Cameron, Mythtellers Martin Shaw and Michael Meade and many others, we will set out to listen to the world in new ways and record what the muses might have to offer.

More specifically, we will root ourselves into places less traveled; in the mountains, between the trees, within earshot of the river, wandering into the woods to forge a deeper connection to our wild imaginations and the wider web of relationships in which we live.

While I've taught beginning writing classes, I'm neither a psychologist nor an expert in any of the writing techniques I intend to explore. I simply feel the ache of the world wanting to spill itself back into human awareness and I know that if we can learn to listen, Nature has much to say.

My intention with this group is to form a community of people feeling a similar call, who are interested in writing and who have a loving concern for our world. I envision no certain direction but a perpetual inquiry pulling us ever deeper into the wilds within and without, whispering and shouting the good news and the tragedy of our undeniable belonging.

There's no need to be a polished or writer, or a writer at all. All that's required is an open mind, a touch of inspiration, and a willingness to enter the imagination in potentially new ways. And if these things seem like far-off or impossible achievements in themselves, come anyway with a willingness to be surprised.

I really want this to be a collaboration and have the direction of the group unfold according to the will, wisdom, and experience of everyone involved. I am absolutely an amateur in conducting meaningful dialogue with the natural world and if there are others with experience in animistic matters, I'd love to learn. I suppose I'm hoping that the fact of our beingness is prerequisite enough to begin opening to and writing what's vital.

If this grabs you, please join :)

Meetups will be scheduled once some people have joined the group.

My only request is that if you sign up, please actually intend to attend so that we can keep room open in the group.

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Rewilding with coffee

Cold Smoke Coffee (19th)

Woodland wandering with words

Sourdough Trail


Cold Smoke Coffee (19th)

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