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Whether your an avid Wild Mushroom Hunter or just beginning and would like to join in on a small group of Mushroom Hunters this is a good place to start. I'm new to Michigan but I am familiar with hunting mushrooms. I live in the Yankee Springs area which has several parcels of state land available to walk and hunt wild mushrooms on. Lets get together and set something up!

Disclaimer: If you harvest, eat or sell mushrooms you find, you are doing so at your own risk. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on this foray is correct, the leaders caution against the use of the information in any particular application and accept no responsibility or liability for errors, omissions or representations, expressed or implied, contained herein. Neither the leaders nor West Michigan Mushroom Hunters accepts responsibility or liability for errors the participant might make in identifying mushrooms, for harmful reactions to eating poisonous mushrooms, or for idiosyncratic reactions to eating any mushrooms.

Michigan regulations regarding wild-foraged mushrooms.

In Michigan, in order to legally collect and sell wild-foraged mushrooms, a person must an approved mushroomidentification expert. This entails the successful completion of a mushroom identification program that is approved bythe Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).

Below is a summary of applicable Michigan regulations regarding wild-foraged mushrooms:• A seller must be recognized as an approved mushroom identification expert. Alternatively, the seller may employ arecognized mushroom identification expert.• Each individual mushroom must be inspected and identified by the recognized expert. Only those identified as safemay be sold.

Every container used to store wild-foraged mushrooms must be labeled with the scientific and common name of themushroom variety in the container. Packaged mushrooms may be identified by the common name only, and shall bearadditional labeling in full accordance with current state and federal requirements.• Written records indicating the quantity, variety, expert identifier, and buyer of the mushrooms shall be retained by theseller for a period of not less than two years. These records shall be made available for MDARD examination uponrequest.• Wild mushrooms shall be handled and protected from contamination in accordance with all current state and federalregulations associated with the handling and processing of foods intended for human consumption.• Vendors are not presently required to hold a license from MDARD in order to sell wild-foraged mushrooms at afarmers market. A mushroom identification expert approved by the State, however, must have identified to specieseach and every mushroom for sale by a vendor.• Slicing, drying or other processing of wild-foraged mushrooms must take place in an approved food kitchen licensedby MDARD or a local health department.

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