What we're about

• Do you have an unquenchable thirst to know "what, why, and how", to the extent that you've spent hours on wikipedia?

• Is one of your favorite past times meeting new interesting people?

• Do you find yourself arguing from one position/perspective only to change to a completely different position mid-discussion?

• Do you find most things humorous if viewed from the right angle?

• Do you have a remarkable talent for procrastination?

• Would you rather invent an automatic bill paying system than write a check?

• Do you think this picture is amazing? http://sharpwriter.deviantart.com/art/Ben-Franklin-VS-Zeu... (http://sharpwriter.deviantart.com/art/Ben-Franklin-VS-Zeus-271337266)

If so you might identify with the Myers Briggs type of ENTP http://www.16personalities.com/entp-personality . Or perhaps even if this doesn't sound like you, you enjoy the company of this particular brand of weirdo. In any case we would likely have a good time talking about this, that, and the other things. All are welcome.

We will keep a loose group structure with polls for activities, and a general focus on having a good time in whatever manner we choose. Some ideas are: cocktails and conversation, lectures then cocktails, cocktails then lectures, game nights, trivia, world domination, dancing, rock climbing, urban safaris, writing workshops, hackathons, etc, etc.

We will attempt to cajole the INFJ (our supposed best buddies) meetup group into occasional dual events.

Stop procrastinating and sign up!

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Drinks and Games at Highball Lounge

Highball Lounge

Drinks and wild speculation


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