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COOKING AND FOOD PRESERVING: Come to our Meetups if you are interested in health, home-cooking with healthy ingredients--i.e. no cans of mushroom soup, boxed cake mixes, or commercial cookie dough logs. LOL. If you want to learn about canning, preserving, fermenting, dehydrating, and more ways to make your own foods, this is the group! Tips and tricks for home cooking for amazing foods right from your own kitchen. Farm-to-Fork goodness.

FOOD GARDENING AND MINI FARMING: Come to our Meetups if want to grow your own food in your backyard with organic methods, DIY, tried-and-true tips and tricks to simplify and keep labor to a minimum, permaculture, raised-beds, automatic watering, natural pest and disease control, container gardening, rare and unusual food plants, i.e. Black Goji Berry, Fukushu Mandarinquat, Edible-leaf artichoke (Cardoon), Capulin Cherry, and more. If you want to know why "chill hours" on certain trees don't mean a thing and you CAN grow apple trees and stone fruits in low chill areas. Learn about greenhouses, seed starting, soil improvement, and a whole bunch more.

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Garden Topics: Swales and Wood Chips

Anita and Allen's home


Discover the wonders of swales and wood chips. Swales are basically ditches that run along the contour of your land to help capture water and allow it to soak into the ground instead of runoff​ into the street or elsewhere. This cuts down on the water bill and allows you to use less chemical-laden "City water." Allen will show you how he uses swales to capture most of the road run-off in his back yard to keep water on the land instead of letting it rush through and flood the neighbour's yard, taking a lot of valuable topsoil with it. Learn to build and use a simple level tool to help create your own swales on the contours of your land. Wood chips—often a free resource—are a great way to hold moisture in the ground and to gradually build a layer of first-rate topsoil. Using wood chips helps you speed up what nature does naturally but much, much slower. Come and discover the secret of using wood chips and swales for an incredible garden. Take a tour of Allen's "Little Hobby Farm" and see how he turned bare land with terrible soil into a bounty of fruit trees, berry vines, vegetable gardens, and more! And Meet our Cluckers - They give us about a dozen rich, delicious eggs a day and make incredible fertilizer for our garden! PLEASE WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES. NO SANDALS. $20 We take cash and credit cards.

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Anita and Allen's home


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