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Interested in becoming an Event Organizer? Wanting to help share your passion of the outdoors with others? I'm seeking a handful of energetic individuals that would be willing to join the leadership team and become an Event Organizer. Ability to be self motivated, knowledgeable of the activity you are hosting, respectful to others, understand and value the safety of both yourself and the group, and have the willingness to plan events monthly. I ask that all interested members have attended at least 5 events with the group before becoming an Event Organizer, that those interested have knowledge of the places they wish to take people, and the ability to write out a description for each event they host. If you are serious about wanting to be an Event Organizer with Willamette Valley Outdoors, please contact me. We will not be meeting at the address listed. It's just a requirement to have a location for an event to appear on the calendar. Currently seeking Event Organizers with knowledgeable experience in - Snowshoeing - Knowledge and experience in snowshoeing and winter weather conditions of the Oregon Cascades. Ability to lead safe and fun trips for beginners and novices alike. Backpacking - Ability to lead groups of 12 or fewer on overnight, as well as multiple day, trips in the wilderness. Mountain Biking - Knowledge of local trails and places to enjoy singletrack. Organize shuttles and group rides. Share events such as those hosted by Disciples of Dirt. Camping - Setting up and organizing camping trips throughout Oregon. From the Oregon Coast to Eastern Oregon. Yurts, tents, lookout towers, and more. Running - Occasional running events around town. May include trail running along the popular Ridgeline Trail, or a local 5K put on by Oregon Track Club or Eclectic Edge Racing. Hiking - Finding new places the group hasn't been before, and leading the group. Must have knowledge of the area, or at least a topographical map. Kayaking - Ability to safely lead kayaking trips where your knowledge will be used in planning and organizing trips of about 12 or more people. Must have PFDs on for trips, due to liability. I ask that all potential candidates have attended at least 5 events with the group, be willing to organize an event each month, ensure safe guidelines at all times, follow all local and national wilderness regulations and requirements, and show a positive attitude with others. I do require all Event Organizers to carry the Ten Essentials on all their outings, and emphasize safety, along with the Leave No Trace Ethics. After leading a trip, new Event Organizers will be exempt from paying Membership Dues. Matthew Howell Founder and Organizer of Willamette Valley Outdoors


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Willamette Valley Outdoors was created to connect those that enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, right here in the Willamette Valley. I hope to plan out hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, snowshoeing trips and more. The events will be of different outdoor activities and range in difficulty. I will do my best to have events for both beginners and for those of you that like to push yourselves a bit beyond your own comfort zone. If you enjoy being outdoors, this is the group for you.

When joining please take the time to fill out the introduction and the questions. It will help in getting to know you a bit and to plan out some events according to what members of the group enjoy. Those that feel it is a waste of their time, should find another group.

Willamette Valley Outdoors requires a recognizable members profile photo in order to join this meetup group. Photos of scenery, flowers, cars, and so on do not count. Meetup is a site for those wishing to meet others and enjoy sharing in similar activities. The recognizable photo helps leaders and other members recognize you and know who you are.

All members when joining must understand the risk and consequences of outdoor activities. You are responsible for proper clothing, outdoor equipment and gear, and all other supplies and essentials to keep yourself safe and comfortable during the trips. By joining, you release the liability of Willamette Valley Outdoors, the leaders and organizers, and fellow members. You alone are responsible for your own actions. Willamette Valley Outdoors is ran and organized by volunteers, that are providing a free outdoor service to all members.

I'm hoping the group will serve as a great way to get together and enjoy the outdoors more. A strong group of active members that contribute to making the best of the group, having a positive attitude, enjoying the outdoors, promoting the group, inviting friends along, and taking lots of pictures, will help make this a great group to be a part of.

Thank you for joining, and I look forward to meeting each and everyone one of you.

Matthew Howell

Founder and Organizer of Willamette Valley Outdoors

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