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Are you a sysadmin, systems engineer, linux admin, part of a tech ops team managing your companies infrastructure, servers, network, storage, datacenters, server and application deployments, configuration management, etc, etc? Interested to mingle with others about technologies and how others are using them (anything from chef, puppet, ansible, docker, open source load balancers and storage platforms to systems management tools to service providers, to using such tools for mass efficiency gains and cost savings, etc) Do you also happen to live or work in Williamson County AND would like to network and mingle with other folks doing the same? Than this maybe a group for you. Here's a bit more context. I'm VP, Infrastructure for a fairly sizable webscale company, I'm fairly new to the area (Georgetown), my whole team works from home spread across the world and looking to start a local group of like minded folks to talk tech, swap ideas, talk about what works and what doesn't and generally just hang out and network with others in the area without having to drive to downtown. Once we start getting members and build the group up a little than I'm hoping to get some feedback/recommendations on where to host the meetup given my companies offices are in CA. Cheers!

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