What we're about

Looking for Friends?
Look no further! Willistown Friends Meeting is a community of Quakers who believe in "that of God in everyone". We are a supportive community who welcomes people of all backgrounds. We vary widely in our concept of God and our members can be found at every point along the continuum of the faith experience. We are united in our respect for all people, our commitment to making the world a better place, and our dedication to social and environmental justice.
However, if it is respite from a tumultuous world you are seeking, we have that, too. Our meetinghouse is set on 84 beautiful acres of fields and woodland in the Radnor Hunt countryside. Our historic stone building was constructed in 1798 and is furnished in the dignified simplicity of that era.
Our meetings are typically an hour of silence punctuated by inspirational statements.
If you are looking for a community of seekers, join us at 7069 Goshen Rd., Newtown Square, Pennsylvania at 10AM on Sundays.
Come and experience the movement that was the seed for the founding of our great state of Pennsylvania.
Call Liz at 610-585-0262 if you would like more information.